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I’m a passionate healer with an alternative approach, who is dedicated to helping my patients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

Learn more about Maria Furgat, our certified holistic wellness practitioner at Essence of Spiritual Balance and book an appointment with her in Rockford, IL.


Initial Consultation: $30

Intake, includes health history, medication, and medical diagnoses. This is where I will recommend a treatment plan to best suit your needs.


Nutritional Consult: $35

This treatment includes a personalized diet catered to your needs.

Gua sha.webp

Gua Sha: $50

This is a hands-on body treatment that uses a tool to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain, tension, and muscle aches.


Acupuncture: $50

This treatment involves the insertion of thin needles to specific points on the body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture points lie along meridians in your body. When one of these meridians is blocked or out of balance, illness can occur.


Acupressure: $50

This treatment involves the application of manual pressure to specific points on the body.  Acupressure applies the same principles as acupuncture to promote wellness and healing without the use of needles.


Moxibustion: $20

This treatment involves use of burning moxa, a herb used to facilitate healing, near your body's meridians in order to promote balance and improve the flow of energy in one's body.


Cupping: $60

This treatment involves placing cups on the skin to create suction and facilitate healing with blood flow.

Hot stone.jpg

Hot Stone Massage: $100

This type of massage treatment involves the use of hot or cold stones to ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.


Herbology: $35

This type of treatment includes a personalized medicinal herbal blend to treat a variety of illnesses.


Aroma Therapy: $25

This type of treatment uses custom hand-made essential oils to promote health and well-being.


Acupuncture with Facial: $120

Facial acupuncture works by promoting the skin’s natural circulation and collagen production to rejuvenate the skin. This service includes a personalized facial to best suit your skin's needs.


Back Facial: $100 
(with acupuncture: $140)

A back facial is done to reduce tension of muscles on the back, while providing deep cleaning and hydration that will leave you with healthier skin.

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